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Sound Masking is Cheaper than Cubicle Partitions: Make Sure Your Customers Know It!

Clients often cite budgetary reasons for not moving forward with sound masking, but they might not be aware that Sound Masking is one of the least expensive sound abatement options.

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Ashly Pema Plus 4-Channel Amp Upgrades the Audio with Ease at Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Department

With the celebration of its one-hundredth year in operation still fresh on everyone’s minds, the Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Department in upstate New York secured modest funds to refurbish the A/V systems in its 4,500-square foot recreation room.

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CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

We just wanted to share this super-interesting and awesome Science Vs. Music video with you guys. 'Cymatics' is the science of visualising audio frequencies – enjoy!

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StudioLive AI-series Mixers and Nimbit Add 96 kHz Support

PreSonus® is pleased to announce the availability of HD mode for StudioLive™ AI-series mixers. Once updated, any StudioLive AI-series mixer can record and play back audio streams at sample rates up to 96 kHz over the onboard FireWire 800 interface.

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