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Klark Teknik Announces Two New Modules

Last week, Klark Teknik announced the release of two new network modules, the KT-USB and KT-AES50, both compatible with the Klark Teknik DN9650 and DN9652 Network Bridges, and the Midas NEUTRON-NB expansion module.

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International Equestrian Centre Crosses the Finish Line with K-array

The superb facilities, created by Longines Global Champions Tour founder and president Jan Tops, have reached new heights this year following a multi-million euro development bringing the venue up to world-class standards.

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The next step in the d&b system approach: the DS10 Audio network bridge

Introducing the DS10 Audio network bridge from d&b audiotechnik, the next advance in the d&b system approach.

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FREE INFOGRAPHIC: How your Office is Destroying your Concentration

Download and share this free infographic from Cambridge Sound Management which shows the downside of the modern open office layout.

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