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CrewCom® Control Units


Interface, control, and monitoring of all wired connections and wireless devices

The CrewCom® Control Unit (CU) is the foundational element of the CrewCom system, and it establishes the CrewNet-based infrastructure while also providing external connections to common established intercom systems. By design, the CU contains no radio and is frequency agnostic; therefore, any device can be controlled and monitored across CrewNet regardless of radio frequency bands being utilised.

  • Easy-to-use interface with large, informative, backlit LCD display and quick access controls
  • Simultaneously active 2-Wire and 4-Wire connection allowing compatibility with any industry standard  intercom system
  • Front panel USB ports for Radio Pack pairing, CrewCom device firmware updates, and computer connectivity
  • CrewNet connections support both long-run fibre and traditional Cat 5e or greater
  • CCU-22
    Pliant Technologies
  • CCU-44
    Pliant Technologies

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