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CrewCom® Radio Transceivers


Remarkably effective RF coverage to even the most remote areas

The CrewCom® Radio Transceiver puts RF specifically where needed. It houses a radio with corresponding antennas and serves as an access point, enabling RF communications with CrewCom Radio Packs. Using CrewNet as a backbone, a large number of RTs can easily be positioned on the network over a wide coverage area through direct connection to a Control Unit or Hub(s), or through daisy-chain configuration with each other.

  • Selectable Normal or High Density mode of operation where up to 6 Normal or 32 High Density Radio Packs can be used simultaneously
  • Individual model support for two separate RF bands
  • etherCON or  Single Mode Fibre CrewNet inputs with an additional copper CrewNet thru connection to daisy-chain up to a total of 8 Radio Transceivers
  • Dual powering options - network power over CrewNet or external power supply (sold separately)

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