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Thanks for visiting our staff page, here you can find out a little bit more about who we are at NAS! Scroll your mouse over a staff members picture to see their other side!


shane-work-03-2016.jpg    Name: Shane Bailey 
Job Title: Managing Director
Background: Joined the MI industry with a family owned business (Hi Hans!), went back to study Audio Engineering. Started my career in the commercial & pro audio markets in '93. Joined NAS in late '02
Interests: Music, red wine, food, family & friends
First Show: That I can remember is The Hooters, circa 1984, Festival Hall
First Album: Thin Lizzy: Live and Dangerous
Favourite City: ...I can give you a Top 10?!!
Favourite Food: Food
rohan-work.jpg    Name: Rohan Broadway
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
Background: CFO & other senior finance positions in both the Chartered profession and commerce. Have a passion for working in dynamic businesses
Interests: Family, music, European art, sport, travel, thoroughbreds, beers from around the world
First Show: Dire Straits at Myer Music Bowl
First Album: Queen: The Game
Favourite City: Amsterdam – don’t ask why…
Favourite Food: Indian, Greek, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Argentinian
 diana-work-09-2017.jpg   Name: Diana Vesga
Job Title: Financial Analyst
Background: Accountant – I have been working in finance accounting and auditing fields for years and I’m passionate about that!
Interests: Family, Travelling, Photography, Music, Movies, Internet and Footy
First Show: ‘Revolucion de Amor’ by Maná (Mexican rock band)
First Album: Best of UB40
Favourite City: Melbourne and I love Perth as well
Favourite Food: Sushi, Salmon and Cheesecake
dave-grammy-2.jpg    Name: Dave Jacques
Job Title: Technical Sales, Design & Support (NAS Projects Team) – Team Leader
Background: Live production and touring sound engineer around the world
Interests: Anything with speakers, wheels or a remote control 
First Show: Chad Morgan in the park. (I’m still in therapy for seeing this at such an early age)
First Album: Def Leppard: Pyromania
Favourite City: Melbourne, of course!
Favourite Food: All of it
 chris-b-work-11-2015.jpg   Name: Chris Braun
Job Title: Technical Sales, Design & Support (NAS Projects Team)
Background: National and international touring circuit as FOH and Monitors 
Interests: Music, Mountain Biking and anything that makes noise
First Show: Powederfinger: Odyssey Number Five tour at Festival Hall i think 
First Album: 100% Hits: Volume 11 - shut up... it had cred back then!
Favourite City: Pretty tough call between Hamburg, New York and Victoria BC
Favourite Food: Steak
 doug-work-11-2015.jpg   Name: Doug Pringle
Job Title: Technical Sales, Design & Support (NAS Projects Team)
Background: Equipment Relocation Engineer specialising in FOH Systems
Interests: Coffee – that's my most regular hobby anyway
First Show: Paid to see: Either Sting or Ben Folds Five, Being paid for: A cover band on new years eve and I got a $20 note for operating lights, 8 cans and a 4-pack. Volunteered to work on: Youth Alive Mission from God at Festival Hall
First Album: A CD of Australian Poetry by John Laws that I bought for $1 for testing CD Players. Vinyl? Maybe the Young Einstein Soundtrack again for $1
Favourite City: Melbourne – I love food
Favourite Food: Curry, Indian or Thai
 bek-varcoe-work.jpg   Name: Bek Varcoe
Job Title: Technical Sales, Design & Support (NAS Projects Team)
Background: Mostly live audio, with a bit of production and teaching thrown in
Interests:  Cooking, making electronic music
First Show: First one I went to at 14 was Jimmy Barnes and the Eurogliders at Sydney Entertainment Centre
First Album: I used to buy 7 inch singles, but probably the first album I owned was Deep Purple.... it was given to me....
Favourite City: Paris
Favourite Food: Japanese, Indian. I put chilli sauce on everything
piper-work.jpg    Name: James Piper
Job Title: National Products Manager
Background: Landscaper/Greens keeper, Internal Sales, Ninja Assassin
Interests: Guitar, Beer, Music, AFL
First Show: Frenzal Rhomb, Powderfinger, Bodyjar – Somewhere? – 1998
First Album: Michael Jackson: Thriller
Favourite City: Anywhere on the Mornington Peninsula
Favourite Food: STEAK – Served with Chips and Beer
 matt1.jpg   Name: Matt Richardson
Job Title: VIC/TAS Sales
Background: One of my first jobs was literally shovelling pooh! (Ewww) Look at me now!!
Interests: Music 
First Show: Phil Keaggy at Dallas Brookes Hall, Melbourne
First Album: Simon and Garfunkel: Concert in Central Park (with Steve Gadd playing drums!) 
Favourite City: Melbourne
Favourite Food: Meat/Lemon Gelati
 brad-work-05-2018.jpg   Name: Brad Kivela 
Job Title: S. I. Sales & Support/Product Development
Live sound production, studio production, post production, practical studio lecturing, commercial audio design and sales and audio system commissioning
Anything that runs on petrol, microphone building and other studio equipment DIY
First Show: 
Probably an underage gig at The Central Club in the mid 90’s
First Album: 
 AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (cassette)
Favourite City: 
 Prague, Munich or Vis
Favourite Food:
 Beer! Is that food?

Name: Matt Strath
Job Title: Internal Sales
Background: Played in bands through school, then studied audio engineering. Worked in corporate AV for close to 11 years in a wide variety of live events
Interests: All music, drumming, photography, food, beers in the summer, wines in the winter
First Show: I want to say Metallica 1997 Rod Laver, but I’m sure there were others before it?!
First Album: REM: Automatic For The People
Favourite City: Melbourne for its coffee and food, Brisbane for its weather
Favourite Food: Everything except brussel spouts!

 tristan-work.jpg   Name: Tristan Mortimer
Job Title: Internal Operations Manager
Background: Music Business, Nightclub Promotion & Customer Service
Interests: Music, Movies & Cooking
First Show: Snoop Dogg
First Album: Had Bob Marley on Cassette  
Favourite City: Has to be Melbourne
Favourite Food: BBQ
 amy-work.jpg   Name: Amy Pickup
Job Title: Marketing & Media
Background: Art student, music-lover
Interests: Good rock 'n' roll, visual arts
First Show: Either Frenzal Rhomb or Bodyjar at some local under-aged gig some time around 2000...
First Album: The Offspring: Americana
Favourite City: Melbourne (Live music capital of Australia...need I explain?)
Favourite Food: Mexican, Thai
 eddie-work-05-2015.jpg   Name: Eddie Meilak
Job Title: Purchasing Officer
Background: 18 years warehousing, including 2 years with Swiss Air
Interests: Polish Sausage and Polka, Dolly Parton's Online Diary
First Show: Pope John Paul II
First Album: Happy Louie and Julcia's Polka Band
Favourite City: Hobart – go figure
Favourite Food: Sweet Sue's canned whole chicken – look it up
 chris-s-work.jpg   Name: Chris Steller
Job Title: Service & Support Coordinator
Background: Product specialist, manager, and trainer for many, many, many brands
Interests: Synthesisers and beer; would like to find a beer synthesiser one day
First Show: Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth in 1975
First Album: Grand Funk Railroad – ‘We’re An American Band’
Favourite City: Tokyo
Favourite Food: Anything spicy
max.jpg    Name: Max Hedrich

Job Title: After Sales Support
Background: I've dabbled in auto, labouring and process serving amongst other things, but found myself living and loving audio
Interests: Multi-instrumentalist. I can play anything as long as it's one of three instruments in a standard rock group
First Show: John Fogerty. I fell asleep at the concert. Not because I didn't like it... I was seven
First Album: Can't remember. Could have been TuPac
Favoruite City: Dunno. Haven't tried them all yet
Favourite Food: Soylent Green?
marty1.jpg    Name: Marty Winchester
Job Title: Technical Service
Background: 25 years as Studio & Engineering Tech for GTV9 Television, 1 year as Service Tech for AMG/MusicLink and now landed here at NAS
Interests: Music + guitar, electronics, computers, art/photography, archiving (historical), cycling (BMX) and more...I DO have too many hobbies!
First Show: Midnight Oil, Torquay Beach Festival around 1984
First Album: Midnight Oil: Place Without a Postcard, Devo: Oh No it's Devo
Favourite City: Melbourne, I don't know any better
Favourite Food: Steak, chicken, vegies, all the good stuff
 dan-work.jpg   Name: Dan Wolter 
Job Title: Warehouse Supervisor
Background: Warehousing, Landscaping, Concrete Resurfacing
Interests: Motorbikes
First Show: Bliss N Esso
First Album: Method Man & Redman – Blackout!
Favourite City: Melbourne
Favourite Food: Burritos

Name: Dylan Peto
Job Title: Warehouse
Background: Warehousing, trades, sales and cooking
Interests: Music (playing and listening to), books, video games and philosophy
First Show: Motley Crue & Motorhead
First Album: Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast
Favourite City: Melbourne (thus far)
Favourite Food: Pastizio


Name: Shane Howes
Job Title: Warehouse
Background: 10+ years warehousing, worked as a croupier, did call centre work, also a café owner once upon a time
Interests: Movies, a beer or three with family/friends, online gaming, guitar
First Show: The Offspring 1999
First Album: Guns and Roses – Use Your Illusion II
Favourite City: Port Denarau, Fiji
Favourite Food: Pizza



Name: Thomas Kelly
Job Title: Consultant Liaison & Projects Team Sales
Background: Joined the tech team in high school. Studied Electrical Engineering and acoustics at College. Worked with 2 major integrators in various roles to now working for a distributor in a design and support role.
Interests: Family, Religion, Music
First Show (concert or gig attended): Black Dyke Mills Band in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall 1982 (yes I‘m a brass band nerd)
First Album: Solid Rock Live (big band from Melbourne)
Favourite City: I’ll say Sydney love my home town….  
Favourite Food: My Wife’s homemade Tuscan Meatballs. It’s the simple things….

michael-p-work-web.jpg   Name: Michael Prestipino
Job Title: NSW/ACT Account Manager
Background: Owned a music store in the 80's. Worked for a few Pro/Commercial audio companies since then. I am pleased to be back at NAS!
Interests: Live Music. Still actively doing live Drum gigs – bad back and all!
First Show: Loved local Aussie bands in the early 70's. These included Skyhooks, Finch, Leon Berger, Sebastian Hardie, Stylus and Kevin Borich
First Album: Lee Ritenour: Captain Fingers
Favourite City: Love San Francisco & LA! Great food and continuous live music
Favourite Food: Italian...of course! Also Italian coffee, Gelato and any dessert that’s available!
peter-li-work-03-2017.jpg   Name: Peter Li
Job Title: Product Development & Technical Support
Background: Electronics Technician
Interests: Badminton, Skiing
First Show: 2007 NSW Chef Association Founding Conference
Favourite City: Sydney
Favourite Food: Crab


brendo-work-06-2017.jpg   Name: Brendon McDonald
Job Title: QLD Sales
Background: Worked 11 years in MI  sales... Played in bands since age 15
Interests: My amazing kids, tennis, golf, Aikido, the beach, fishing, long barbeque afternoons with friends...
First Show: Bon Jovi at the Sydney Entertainment Centre around '88
First Album: Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast
Favourite City: Favourite may have to be Sydney. Can I say that?
Favourite Food: Does Coopers Sparkling Ale count? How about ice cream? Aside from those two, probably Vietnamese or Japanese... Asian food is probably my favourite, generally.





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