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Thanks for visiting our staff page, here you can find out a little bit more about who we are at NAS! Scroll your mouse over a staff members picture to see their other side!


shane-work-03-2016.jpg    Name: Shane Bailey 
Job Title: Managing Director
Background: Joined the MI industry with a family owned business (Hi Hans!), went back to study Audio Engineering. Started my career in the commercial & pro audio markets in '93. Joined NAS in late '02
Interests: Music, red wine, food, family & friends
First Show: That I can remember is The Hooters, circa 1984, Festival Hall
First Album: Thin Lizzy: Live and Dangerous
Favourite City: ...I can give you a Top 10?!!
Favourite Food: Food
rohan-work.jpg    Name: Rohan Broadway
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
Background: CFO & other senior finance positions in both the Chartered profession and commerce. Have a passion for working in dynamic businesses
Interests: Family, music, European art, sport, travel, thoroughbreds, beers from around the world
First Show: Dire Straits at Myer Music Bowl
First Album: Queen: The Game
Favourite City: Amsterdam – don’t ask why…
Favourite Food: Indian, Greek, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Argentinian
 diana-work-09-2017.jpg   Name: Diana Vesga
Job Title: Finance Officer
Background: Accountant – I have been working in finance accounting and auditing fields for years and I’m passionate about that!
Interests: Family, Travelling, Photography, Music, Movies, Internet and Footy
First Show: ‘Revolucion de Amor’ by Maná (Mexican rock band)
First Album: Best of UB40
Favourite City: Melbourne and I love Perth as well
Favourite Food: Sushi, Salmon and Cheesecake
dave-grammy-2.jpg    Name: Dave Jacques
Job Title: Technical Sales, Design & Support (NAS Projects Team) – Team Leader
Background: Live production and touring sound engineer around the world
Interests: Anything with speakers, wheels or a remote control 
First Show: Chad Morgan in the park. (I’m still in therapy for seeing this at such an early age)
First Album: Def Leppard: Pyromania
Favourite City: Melbourne, of course!
Favourite Food: All of it
 chris-b-work-11-2015.jpg   Name: Chris Braun
Job Title: Technical Sales, Design & Support (NAS Projects Team)
Background: National and international touring circuit as FOH and Monitors 
Interests: Music, Mountain Biking and anything that makes noise
First Show: Powederfinger: Odyssey Number Five tour at Festival Hall i think 
First Album: 100% Hits: Volume 11 - shut up... it had cred back then!
Favourite City: Pretty tough call between Hamburg, New York and Victoria BC
Favourite Food: Steak
 doug-work-11-2015.jpg   Name: Doug Pringle
Job Title: Technical Sales, Design & Support (NAS Projects Team)
Background: Equipment Relocation Engineer specialising in FOH Systems
Interests: Coffee – that's my most regular hobby anyway
First Show: Paid to see: Either Sting or Ben Folds Five, Being paid for: A cover band on new years eve and I got a $20 note for operating lights, 8 cans and a 4-pack. Volunteered to work on: Youth Alive Mission from God at Festival Hall
First Album: A CD of Australian Poetry by John Laws that I bought for $1 for testing CD Players. Vinyl? Maybe the Young Einstein Soundtrack again for $1
Favourite City: Melbourne – I love food
Favourite Food: Curry, Indian or Thai
 bek-varcoe-work.jpg   Name: Bek Varcoe
Job Title: Technical Sales, Design & Support (NAS Projects Team)
Background: Mostly live audio, with a bit of production and teaching thrown in
Interests:  Cooking, making electronic music
First Show: First one I went to at 14 was Jimmy Barnes and the Eurogliders at Sydney Entertainment Centre
First Album: I used to buy 7 inch singles, but probably the first album I owned was Deep Purple.... it was given to me....
Favourite City: Paris
Favourite Food: Japanese, Indian. I put chilli sauce on everything
piper-work.jpg    Name: James Piper
Job Title: National Products Manager
Background: Landscaper/Greens keeper, Internal Sales, Ninja Assassin
Interests: Guitar, Beer, Music, AFL
First Show: Frenzal Rhomb, Powderfinger, Bodyjar – Somewhere? – 1998
First Album: Michael Jackson: Thriller
Favourite City: Anywhere on the Mornington Peninsula
Favourite Food: STEAK – Served with Chips and Beer
 matt1.jpg   Name: Matt Richardson
Job Title: VIC/TAS Sales
Background: One of my first jobs was literally shovelling pooh! (Ewww) Look at me now!!
Interests: Music 
First Show: Phil Keaggy at Dallas Brookes Hall, Melbourne
First Album: Simon and Garfunkel: Concert in Central Park (with Steve Gadd playing drums!) 
Favourite City: Melbourne
Favourite Food: Meat/Lemon Gelati
 jamie-payet-work.jpg   Name: Jamie Payet
Job Title: Internal Sales
Background: Professional Musician since 1988. Degrees in Music, Audio Engineering and Business. Married with 2 amazing children
Interests: Music, Recording, Family, Basketball, Sleep (I’m interested in what its like)
First Show: Kiss Live at VFL Park! 
First Album: Here’s Humphrey! (on vinyl, still have it!)
Favourite City: ...Nashville
Favourite Food: Mum's food!

Name: Matt Strath
Job Title: Internal Sales
Background: Played in bands through school, then studied audio engineering. Worked in corporate AV for close to 11 years in a wide variety of live events
Interests: All music, drumming, photography, food, beers in the summer, wines in the winter
First Show: I want to say Metallica 1997 Rod Laver, but I’m sure there were others before it?!
First Album: REM – Automatic For The People
Favourite City: Melbourne for its coffee and food, Brisbane for its weather
Favourite Food: Everything except brussel spouts!

 tristan-work.jpg   Name: Tristan Mortimer
Job Title: Internal Operations Manager
Background: Music Business, Nightclub Promotion & Customer Service
Interests: Music, Movies & Cooking
First Show: Snoop Dogg
First Album: Had Bob Marley on Cassette  
Favourite City: Has to be Melbourne
Favourite Food: BBQ
 amy-work.jpg   Name: Amy Pickup
Job Title: Marketing & Media
Background: Art student, music-lover
Interests: Good rock 'n' roll, visual arts
First Show: Either Frenzal Rhomb or Bodyjar at some local under-aged gig some time around 2000...
First Album: The Offspring: Americana
Favourite City: Melbourne (Live music capital of Australia...need I explain?)
Favourite Food: Mexican, Thai
 eddie-work-05-2015.jpg   Name: Eddie Meilak
Job Title: Purchasing Officer
Background: 18 years warehousing, including 2 years with Swiss Air
Interests: Polish Sausage and Polka, Dolly Parton's Online Diary
First Show: Pope John Paul II
First Album: Happy Louie and Julcia's Polka Band
Favourite City: Hobart – go figure
Favourite Food: Sweet Sue's canned whole chicken – look it up
 chris-s-work.jpg   Name: Chris Steller
Job Title: Service & Support Coordinator
Background: Product specialist, manager, and trainer for many, many, many brands
Interests: Synthesisers and beer; would like to find a beer synthesiser one day
First Show: Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth in 1975
First Album: Grand Funk Railroad – ‘We’re An American Band’
Favourite City: Tokyo
Favourite Food: Anything spicy
max.jpg    Name: Max Hedrich

Job Title: After Sales Support
Background: I've dabbled in auto, labouring and process serving amongst other things, but found myself living and loving audio
Interests: Multi-instrumentalist. I can play anything as long as it's one of three instruments in a standard rock group
First Show: John Fogerty. I fell asleep at the concert. Not because I didn't like it... I was seven
First Album: Can't remember. Could have been TuPac
Favoruite City: Dunno. Haven't tried them all yet
Favourite Food: Soylent Green?
marty1.jpg    Name: Marty Winchester
Job Title: Technical Service
Background: 25 years as Studio & Engineering Tech for GTV9 Television, 1 year as Service Tech for AMG/MusicLink and now landed here at NAS
Interests: Music + guitar, electronics, computers, art/photography, archiving (historical), cycling (BMX) and more...I DO have too many hobbies!
First Show: Midnight Oil, Torquay Beach Festival around 1984
First Album: Midnight Oil: Place Without a Postcard, Devo: Oh No it's Devo
Favourite City: Melbourne, I don't know any better
Favourite Food: Steak, chicken, vegies, all the good stuff
 dan-work.jpg   Name: Dan Wolter 
Job Title: Warehouse Supervisor
Background: Warehousing, Landscaping, Concrete Resurfacing
Interests: Motorbikes
First Show: Bliss N Esso
First Album: Method Man & Redman – Blackout!
Favourite City: Melbourne
Favourite Food: Burritos

Name: Dylan Peto
Job Title: Warehouse
Background: Warehousing, trades, sales and cooking
Interests: Music (playing and listening to), books, video games and philosophy
First Show: Motley Crue & Motorhead
First Album: Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast
Favourite City: Melbourne (thus far)
Favourite Food: Pastizio


Name: Shane Howes
Job Title: Warehouse
Background: 10+ years warehousing, worked as a croupier, did call centre work, also a café owner once upon a time
Interests: Movies, a beer or three with family/friends, online gaming, guitar
First Show: The Offspring 1999
First Album: Guns and Roses – Use Your Illusion II
Favourite City: Port Denarau, Fiji
Favourite Food: Pizza



Name: Thomas Kelly
Job Title: Consultant Liaison & Projects Team Sales
Background: Joined the tech team in high school. Studied Electrical Engineering and acoustics at College. Worked with 2 major integrators in various roles to now working for a distributor in a design and support role.
Interests: Family, Religion, Music
First Show (concert or gig attended): Black Dyke Mills Band in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall 1982 (yes I‘m a brass band nerd)
First Album: Solid Rock Live (big band from Melbourne)
Favourite City: I’ll say Sydney love my home town….  
Favourite Food: My Wife’s homemade Tuscan Meatballs. It’s the simple things….

michael-p-work-web.jpg   Name: Michael Prestipino
Job Title: NSW/ACT Account Manager
Background: Owned a music store in the 80's. Worked for a few Pro/Commercial audio companies since then. I am pleased to be back at NAS!
Interests: Live Music. Still actively doing live Drum gigs – bad back and all!
First Show: Loved local Aussie bands in the early 70's. These included Skyhooks, Finch, Leon Berger, Sebastian Hardie, Stylus and Kevin Borich
First Album: Lee Ritenour: Captain Fingers
Favourite City: Love San Francisco & LA! Great food and continuous live music
Favourite Food: Italian...of course! Also Italian coffee, Gelato and any dessert that’s available!
peter-li-work-03-2017.jpg   Name: Peter Li
Job Title: Product Development & Technical Support
Background: Electronics Technician
Interests: Badminton, Skiing
First Show: 2007 NSW Chef Association Founding Conference
Favourite City: Sydney
Favourite Food: Crab


  Name: Brendon McDonald
Job Title: QLD Sales
Background: Worked 11 years in MI  sales... Played in bands since age 15
Interests: My amazing kids, tennis, golf, Aikido, the beach, fishing, long barbeque afternoons with friends...
First Show: Bon Jovi at the Sydney Entertainment Centre around '88
First Album: Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast
Favourite City: Favourite may have to be Sydney. Can I say that?
Favourite Food: Does Coopers Sparkling Ale count? How about ice cream? Aside from those two, probably Vietnamese or Japanese... Asian food is probably my favourite, generally.



Name: Kerry Panara
Job Title: WA/SA/NT Sales
Background: Music Retail / Wholesaling / Banking Industry & Musician
Interests: AFL, Travelling, Food, Beer & Music
First Show: Kiss 1980 - Front Row and my ears are still ringing.....
First Album: Stevie Wonders Musiquarium
Favourite Food: Mum's Pasta and Mother-in-Law's Laksa....
(too good for Shane)

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