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Pliant Technologies CCU-44


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Product Overview


The CrewCom Control Unit is the foundational element of the CrewCom® system and establishes the CrewNet-based infrastructure while also providing external connections to common established intercom systems. By design, the CU contains no radio and is frequency agnostic and can therefore control and monitor any device across CrewNet regardless of radio frequency bands being utilised. With the combination of CrewCom® Radio Transceivers, each CU supports up to 50 Radio Packs, 18 Normal mode and 32 High Density mode, across all available RF bands.

In the Box

  • Control Unit
  • AC Power Cord
  • USB A to Micro B cable
  • 15ft. (4.6 m) Cat 5e cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB Flash Drive that includes product documentation
  • Warranty Extension Registration Card


  • CrewCom 900MHz Radio Transceiver [SKU: #CRT-900]
  • CrewCom 2.4GHz Radio Transceiver, CE [SKU: #CRT-2400CE]
  • CrewCom 8-Port Copper Hub [SKU: #CHB-8C]
  • CrewCom 4+4 Audio Expansion Unit [SKU: #CXA-4244]
  • CrewCom 900MHz 2-Vol/2-Conf RP22 Radio Pack [SKU: #CRP-22-900]
  • CrewCom 2.4GHz 2-Vol/2-Conf RP22 Radio Pack, CE [SKU: #CRP-22-2400CE]
  • CrewCom 900MHz 4-Vol/4-Conf RP44 Radio Pack [SKU: #CRP-44-900]
  • CrewCom 2.4GHz 4-Vol/4-Conf RP44 Radio Pack, CE [SKU: #CRP-44-2400CE]



  • Each CU supports up to 50 Radio Packs across all RF bands (18 Normal mode RPs and 32 High Density mode RPs)
  • Easy-to-use interface with large informative backlit LCD display and quick access controls
  • Simultaneously active 2-Wire and 4-Wire intercom connections
  • Front panel USB ports for Radio Pack pairing, CrewCom device firmware updates, and computer connectivity
  • Duplex LC Single Mode Fibre and traditional Cat 5e or greater CrewNet connections
  • LAN port for CrewWare connectivity via computer network
  • Front panel headset monitor station
  • Stage announce audio output
  • AUX In/Out for program input and intercom audio output
  • GPO contact closure relays (x5)
  • Sync input to receive sync from another CrewCom system
  • 1RU rack mountable
  • Integrated Ping function, which uses all LEDs to physically identify a target device

The Backbone: CrewNet™
CrewNet is a newly-developed, robust and reliable proprietary network designed specifically for the demands of critical communication environments. It is the backbone for interconnection between CrewCom devices, which is key to the decentralised network architecture. CrewNet is capable of deploying a CrewCom system over a very large coverage area with Cat 5e (up to 100 m) and/or Single Mode Fibre (up to 10 km).


Product Downloads

  • CCU-44 Brochure PDF 4.3 MB
  • CCU-44 Quickstart Guide PDF 0.6 MB
  • CCU-44 Data Sheet PDF 0.9 MB


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