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Midas DL351


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Product Overview

7U 19” rack unit, can provide a maximum of 64 audio inputs and 64 audio outputs

The DL351 is a 7U 19” rack unit, can provide a maximum of 64 audio inputs and 64 audio outputs. It has the same user-configurable card format as the DL451 but has the capacity to house up to 8 cards, which can be any combination of 8 analogue mic/line in, 8 analogue out (XLR), 8 analogue TRS line level in and out, 8 digital in and out (4 AES/EBU pairs) or a 25 pin D sub card with 8 analogue mic/line inputs and 8 outputs.

Midi in, out and thru, and GPIO connections are supplied as standard. Digital audio interface is via 4 AES50 ports, one of which can be configured as a spare redundant connection. Dual redundant power supplies with locking IEC connectors are fitted as standard.

The DL351 can be used with the Midas XL8 and PRO Series of digital mixing systems, or as a stand-alone AES50 audio interface in a Midas snake and audio distribution system with remote control via Ethernet.


The latest apps and firmware downloads can be found on the MIDAS website here.




  • 64 audio inputs
  • 64 audio outputs
  • Five card options of
    DL441 Analogue Mic / Line Input “I” card 
    DL442 Analogue Output “O” card
    DL443 8 Analogue Line In and 8 Analogue Line Out “TRS” card 
    DL452 AES/EBU Input and Output “D” card 
    DL444 “D Sub” card, 8 analogue mic/line in, 8 line out
  • Midi in, out and thru
  • GPIO
  • Digital snake and distribution network component with redundant connections
  • Ethernet control port
  • 7U

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