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Midas DL444


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Product Overview

DL444 “D Sub” card: for DL451, DL351 and PRO Series surface

Audio connections on analogue consoles are comparatively inexpensive, a mixing console will have as many insert points and direct outputs as there are input channels. Not so with digital mixing consoles.

Insert points and direct outputs require A-D and D-A converters, as well as physical connections, so most manufacturers limit the number of these to a mere handful of options. One advantage of Midas’ network approach to digital mixing is that the number and configuration of I/O’s can be easily expanded for complex applications, but easily streamlined for less demanding, more straightforward duties.

The modular construction of the I/O system means that the right number and correct type of connections are always available, and always in the right location. Midas modular I/O cards are interchangeable between different hardware housings and all feature Midas audio performance and reliability, plus some extended usability features such as the connection locator LED found on all XLR I/O cards.



  • 8 inputs and 8 outputs in a single card form factor
  • 25-pin “D” sub connectors for inputs, outputs, and remote +48V and “check” LEDs
  • Mic / line inputs feature premium quality remote control Midas mic pres with +48V and “check” remote indicators
  • Outputs are balanced with high current drive capability for long cable runs
  • Ultra-low latency 24-bit 96kHz A-D and D-A convertors


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