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InterM DPA-150Q


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Product Overview

4CH Digital Power Amplifier

DPA-150Q is a maximum of 150 W×4CH(100 V, 70 V, 8 Ω) multi-channel PA/SR amplifier that is developed with best patent awarded technology of Inter-M. The amplifier will build much more cost effective, low heat, light weight system compare to the previous analog amplifier. DPA-150Q will particularly maximise its potential in large-sized places such as shopping malls and education centres in which separate control is necessary. Now, experience smaller but more powerful broadcasting system of DPA-150Q!


When Used in Small to Medium-sized Places like a Conference Room

Connect multi source player and wireless microphone that can be played by CD/USB/MP3 to DPA- 150Q to build high quality sound system in small to medium-sized venues such as classroom. The system provides clear and dedicate sound with S/N over 100 dB and THD below 0.2 %.

When Used in Large-sized Places such as Conference Hall and Department Store

DPA-150Q can be applied to large-sized venues that require separate zone control by interlocking with 6000 system. 6000 system installed in emergency room can separately control sound, background music and emergency broadcasting over the building. With PX-6216 of 16×8, it can selectively deliver sound sources to each zone.

When Used in Small-sized Places such as Stores and Cafeteria

Build the sound system by connecting source devices to the audio input terminal of DPA-150Q in order to broadcast in maximum of 4 zones in small-sized places like stores. Connect the CU-930 to HI-Z terminal which is particularly for distant transmission and the SQ-8K to LO-Z terminal which is for high-quality short-distance transmission. Moreover, with the priority function, emergency broadcasting using the remote microphone, RM-02 is possible.


  • OPTLESS Output Design for Both PA and SR Use
  • 150 W×4CH(100 V, 70 V, 8 Ω) Class-D Multi-channel Amplifier
  • Secure Operation through AC/DC Dual Power
  • High-quality Sound of High S/N and Low THD
  • LED Indicators
  • Priority Function
  • Remote AC Power Control Function to On/Off
  • Stability guaranteed with perfect protection circuit


Product Downloads

  • DPA-150Q Brochure PDF 3.2 MB
  • DPA-150Q User Manual PDF 1.1 MB
  • DPA-150Q DWG DWG 0.1 MB


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