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InterM DSA-300E


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Product Overview

150W x 8 Channel (8 ohms) or 300W x 8 Channel (4 ohms) Digital Power Amplifier

DSA-300E is a multi-channel amplifier for pro audio that is made based on technology from the Best Patent awarded DPA digital amplifier technology.

It provides an optimum solution for dispersion in a multi-broadcast system as it can output a maximum of 300 W×8CH(4 Ω) or 600 W×4CH(8 Ω) by connecting the output in Bridge mode.

When a user wants to broadcast different sound sources to each individual places such as hotels and conference rooms the DSA-300E  will offer pro audio broadcasting with S/N above 100 dB.



  • HIGH PERFORMANCE 8 CHANNEL CLASS-D POWER AMPLIFIER: High performance Class-D Professional Amplifier has up to 2400W (300W×8ch) power output.
  • SMPS (SWITCHING MODE POWER SUPPLY) POWER SCHEME: High efficient, light weight SMPS power system is utilised.
  • POWERFUL AND DETAILED SOUND QUALITY: High S/N ratio and Low THD reproduces powerful and detailed sound.
  • COMPLETE PROTECTION CIRCUITS: Complete circuit protection is activated in case of amplifier overheating, output shorting, overload, over power and DC output.
  • OPERATION INDICATOR LED: LED display to check the operating status (ACT, STBY, POWER, SIG, CLIP, PROT, BRIDGED)
  • BALANCED INPUT: This connection is used to ensure the lowest noise operation which eliminates the common noise from the cable.
  • STEREO / BRIDGED MODE SELECT: There is STEREO MODE that outputs input signals of each channel independently. The BRIDGED MODE binds CH1 and CH2 as one which enables bigger output than done in STEREO MODE.


Product Downloads

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