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dB Technologies DVA S30


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Product Overview

Active Subwoofer 2 x 18" 3000W

Featuring a dual 18" subwoofer pairing in a bass reflex housing, the DVA S30N packs a muscular, ultra low-frequency punch. It delivers very powerful performance indeed with a range extending down to the lowest frequencies. This sub-bass powerhouse is the perfect addition to large PAs and an excellent complement to DVA T12 mid-/high-range units in stacked arrays.

Bass reflex horn housing
This sophisticated hybrid design brings together the benefits of bass reflex and horn systems in a compact housing engineered to render low frequencies with high SPL. The two baffle boards are arrayed in the form of a V. They guide the central bass reflex channel's sound energy into the horn's port. This funneling action is smooth and uniform, greatly increasing its range. The high-quality birch multiplex housing is covered in robust black textured lacquer and equipped with eight grips. On the back, an optional transport dolly can be easily attached via quick-release pins to keep the wheels from rattling.

digipro®G2 3,000W, Class-D power amp
A dedicated 1.5 kW digipro®G2 digital power amp drives each woofer. With 3,000 W total output power, the DVA S30N delivers 50 percent higher amp performance than is standard for its class. This digipro® technology is so very efficient that there is no need for fans. Lacking mechanical components that require maintenance, this bin operates even more reliably. The amps are equipped with PFC switched-mode power supplies. They are largely impervious to line voltage fluctuations, which is a tremendous asset in a touring rig. digipro® technology also has the weight advantage. Factor the neodymium magnets into the equation and you get a remarkably light and lean rig that couldn't be easier to transport and set up.

High-quality DSP and RDnet network
The DVA S30 subwoofer features a high-end DSP boasting excellent audio specs. It provides adjustable crossover frequencies, precise limiter functions and variable delay settings for perfect time alignment. A special preset makes it easy to set up cardioid systems with enhanced directivity. All settings are readily adjusted using the rear-mounted rotary encoder. The DSP also provides a X-Over output for connecting mid-/high-range units. Factory-equipped with an RDnet port, the DVA S30 is ready for integration into complex, remotely controlled and monitored DVA T12 sound reinforcement systems. RJ45 inputs and outputs connect it to the RDnet HUB.





Technical data

  • Speaker Type: Active Bassreflex-Horn Subwoofer


Acoustical data

  • Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]: 30 - 120 Hz
  • Max SPL: 141 dB
  • Directivity: Omnidirectional, Cardiod Option with DSP setup
  • LF: 2x18 "
  • Type LF: RCF
  • Voice Coil LF: 4 "



  • Amp Technology: digipro
  • Amp Class: Class D
  • Power Supply: 3 kW SMPS
  • LF Amp: 3000 W/RMS
  • Cooling: Convection



  • Controller: DSP 56 bit
  • AD/DA Converter: 24bit/ 96 kHz
  • System Presets: X-Over
  • Phase: 0, 180 °
  • Limiter: RMS, Peak, Thermal
  • Delay Option: 0-4.5 ms internal
  • Crossover Frequency LF-MF: DSP, steps of 5 Hz
  • Slope LF-MF: 24 dB/Octave


Input Section

  • Signal Input: 1x XLR fem, sym.
  • Network: RDnet, 2x RJ45
  • Signal Output: 1x Link XLR, male, sym
                          1x X-Over Out, XLR male, sym.
  • Power Socket: Powercon In
  • Voltage Range: 90 - 240 V



  • Housing: Multiplex birch plywood
  • Housing Design: Rectangular
  • Colour: Black
  • Surface Texture: Textured acrylic lacquer
  • Handles: 4x Per Side
  • Pole Mount: No
  • Front Grille: 1.5mm metall grille
  • Castors: Optional
  • Width: 1100 mm (44 in)
  • Height: 580 mm (23.2 in)
  • Depth: 720 mm (28.8 in)
  • Weight: 83 kg (182.98 lbs)

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