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K-array KU26


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Product Overview

Ultra-thin, High Power Passive Subwoofer

With a frequency range of 45 Hz to 150 Hz, the Rumble-KU26 is a companion to the K-array Lyzard, Vyper, Tornado and Anakonda installation speakers. The combination provides full range frequency response with prodigious output and a virtually invisible profile.

The Rumble-KU26 boasts extended frequency response and is electronically protected.

Rumble-KU26 is made entirely of steel, making it extremely resistant, even when deployed outside in tough weather conditions.


Available in black or white as standard, custom colours available.


Download the latest EASE Focus software here.


  • Broadcast & Studios
  • Cafés | Bistros | Restaurants 
  • Corporate/Education auditoriums | Government facilities
  • Hotels
  • Museums 
  • Retail
  • Stadiums | Sporting venues
  • Theatres | Concert halls
  • Theme Parks 
  • Transport facilities


  • High power 121 dB SPL (peak)
  • 6" long excursion woofers
  • 6" passive radiators
  • Double voice coil to allow for selectable impedance (8Ω / 32Ω)
  • Weather resistant, suitable for outdoor installations - IP54


  • Selectable Impedance: The possibility to select a high impedance allows a high number of speakers to be driven with one single amplification channel.
  • Visually Discreet: K-array is always focused on the manufacture of slim, unobtrusive speakers without compromising in any way the sound quality or the strength and durability of its products.
  • Custom Painted: This product is available in custom paint with specific RAL code.
  • Weather Resistant: K-array works to obtain a high water resistance value for all its loudspeakers! Durable materials and focused design ensures excellent resistance to the most extreme weather conditions.
  • Premium Finish: Available in brushed or polished steel finish.


Product Downloads

  • KU26 Data Sheet PDF 0.8 MB
  • KU26 User Guide PDF 1.1 MB
  • KU26 DWG 3D ZIP 0.0 MB
  • KU26 DXF 2D ZIP 0.1 MB
  • KU26 PDF 3D ZIP 0.0 MB
  • KU26 Layout PDF 0.1 MB
  • KU26 3DS 3D ZIP 0.0 MB
  • KU26 EASE Data ZIP 0.1 MB
  • KU26 Architect Specs TXT 0.0 MB


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