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SoundTube LA880i


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Product Overview

Featuring eight 4.5-inch woofers, eight 2-inch midrange drivers and one 2.5-inch planar magnetics (ribbon) high frequency driver for extremely smooth high frequency response, the LA880i achieves superb coverage in an enclosure measuring only 7.91” x 40.87” x 11.99”. Numerous mounting options allow the use of the LA880i on walls, near ceilings, on poles, or suspended via cables.

3-way line array featuring 8 low-frequency drivers, 8 mid-range units, and a high power-handling ribbon tweeter. Constant directivity of 40×120 degrees with consistent frequency response throughout the coverage area. LAPS (Line Array-Point Source) technology provides near-field to far-field transition in only 3 meters. LA808i Low Frequency Directivity Element adds about an octave of directivity control to low frequencies. Multiple input options (Euroblock or Speakon connectors) with daisy-chaining capability.



SoundTube Line Arrays are anything but typical. They are advanced LAPS (Line Array-Point Source) 3-way designs that provide a very short near-field extent and robust far-field performance.

Frequency tapering of low and mid frequency pass bands allows for a consistent ratio of array height to radiated wavelength, ensuring a stable vertical beamwidth that out-performs many other single box line arrays. Soundtube’s LAPS technology makes the near-field shorter than most other line arrays. Because its effective line length is kept relatively constant as a function of frequency, the near-field to far-field transition occurs at only 3 metres from the speaker. Beyond this distance, there is no change in the frequency response or the directivity pattern of the speaker (40 x 120 degrees).

Custom Finishes

Customers who want their line array to blend perfectly into the surroundings can be accommodated through custom cabinetry. SoundTube’s sister company Induction Dynamics has a world class woodshop in Lenexa, Kansas that can produce custom cabinets for the LA880i and LA808i LFDE, using a variety of paint colours or woodgrains. In addition to custom colours and woodgrains for the cabinet, we can offer 63 different grille cloth colours. A custom cabinet can bring extra warmth to an elegant house of worship or an advanced, modern transportation centre.

* Call NAS for details and Pricing on custom finishes


  • Frequency Response (-3 dB): 70 Hz – 16 kHz
  • Frequency Response (-6 dB): 70 Hz – 16 kHz
  • Frequency Response (-10 dB): 55 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • Power Capacity RMS: 500 W
  • Max SPL dB @ 1 M: 116 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Beamwidth, Horizontal: 120° (500-10k)
  • Beamwidth, Vertical: 40° (500-10k)
  • Height: 1038mm (40.87 in.)
  • Width: 200.80mm (7.91 in.)
  • Depth: 304.56mm (11.99 in.)
  • Weight: 40.0lbs
  • Optional Accessory: –
  • Colours: Black / White, or Custom Cabinetry

Product Downloads

  • LA880i Brochure PDF 2.0 MB


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