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Listen Technologies LPT-C6


  • LPT-C6 Front
  • LPT-C6 Rear

Product Overview

The C6 ListenPoint Control Unit is an ideal unit for audio visual integration as it accommodates integration with teleconferencing devices bringing the outside world into the room.

The C6 offers the maximum number of auxiliary inputs for maximizing audio structure in small room settings. The control unit connects to the Room Module using a single Cat-5e cable. Audio and control devices connect via the rear panel. The control unit includes pro audio inputs/outputs, a direct teleconferencing/Skype™/VOIP port and USB for customization. The tilting LCD is easy to read and displays the status of all M1s on the system including battery level. Designed to blend into any room, the control unit can be wall, desk or rack mounted.



  • Two (2) Pro Audio balanced inputs/outputs, four (4) unbalanced inputs for adding external audio sources. One (1) unbalanced output to record from or for an assistive listening system and a USB port for customization.
  • Bring the world into you room – make multiple person conference calls by adding a teleconferencing unit (like the SoundStation2®) or via your computer with Skype™/VOIP.
  • Simple and easy for users with one intuitive control for adjusting volume and selecting audio sources.
  • Single point of connection via Cat-5e cabling makes installation and maintenance simple.
  • Tilting LCD Screen shows audio selection, volume, M1 status and battery level. When mounted the LCD can be inverted 180°.
  • Automatic audio selection - volume can be controlled via the CU or M1.
  • Designed to blend into any room, can be wall, table or rack mounted with suppled mounting platform.


Full specifications are available under the Downloads tab above

  • Unbalanced Input Four (4) Stereo inputs via phono connectors, unbalanced, -10dBu nominal input level, +2 dBu maximum, adjustable -30/+12dB, impedance 100k Ohms.
  • Unbalanced Output One (1) Dual Mono Output, Phono Connector, -10dBu, 10 Ohm
  • Balanced Input One (1) Balanced Input, Euro Connectors, 0 dBu nominal, +12dBu maximum, 10k Ohm
  • Balanced Output One (1) Balanced Output, Euro Connectors, 0 dBu, 600 Ohm
  • Teleconferencing Input One (1) Balanced Input, Euro Connectors, 0dBu nominal, +12 dBu maximun, 10k Ohm
  • Teleconferencing Output One (1) Balanced Output, Euro Connectors, 0 dBu, 600 Ohm (mix-minus output)
  • Headphone Output One (1) 3.5 mm stereo connector, unbalanced, adjustable output level, +10dBu maximum, impedance 10 Ohm.
  • Input to Output Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/- 2 dB, < 2.0% THD, >75 dB SNR
  • Microphone to Output Frequency Response 200 Hz to 15 kHz, +/- 2 dB, < 2.0% THD, >75 dB SNR
  • Front Panel Power Button, LCD, Control Dial, Headphone Level
  • Back Panel USB , CAT-5e Output w/ LED indicator, Power Input, System Reset

Product Downloads

  • LPT-C6 Data Sheet PDF 0.6 MB
  • LPT-C6 Install Guide PDF 3.5 MB
  • LPT-C6 Customisation Guide PDF 1.0 MB
  • LPT-C6 Quick Reference Card PDF 0.7 MB
  • LPT-C6 Software Installation ZIP 3.1 MB
  • LPT-C6 Placement Tech Notes PDF 0.5 MB
  • LPT-C6 Use with Skype PDF 0.4 MB
  • LPT-C6 Use with ClearOne Interact AT PDF 0.4 MB
  • LPT-C6 Use with ClearOne Interact Pro PDF 0.4 MB
  • LPT-C6 Use with Discussion Control Unit PDF 0.2 MB
  • LPT-C6 Use with Digital Conference Control Unit PDF 0.3 MB


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