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Listen Technologies LPT-S2-04


  • Image 1
  • LPT-C6 Front
  • LPT-C6 Rear
  • LPT-R12 Front
  • LPT-R12 Rear
  • LPT-M1
  • LPT-A104

Product Overview

Advanced Soundfield System

The ListenPoint® Advanced Soundfield System is ideal for classrooms that want to get the most out of their soundfield system. The Advanced Soundfield System offers six (6) direct inputs and one (1) output on the CU, the RM which delivers 60 watts of power and a Microphone/Media Interface Kit (M1). The system allows classrooms to go on a Virtual Field Trip via Skype.


  • One (1) LPT-C6 ListenPoint Advanced Control Unit
  • One (1) LPT-R12 ListenPoint Powered Room Module (2 M1 Max/ 60 Watts)
  • One (1) LPT-M1 ListenPoint Microphone/Media Interface Kit
  • Four (4) LPT-A104 6 in. (15 cm) Ceiling Speaker
  • Four (4) LA-394-P-15 16 AWG Plenum Speaker Cable 15 ft. (4.6 m)
  • One (1) LPT-A107 Audio Cable Kit for CU
  • One (1) LA-393-P-55 Cat-5e Preassembled Plenum Cable 55 ft. (16.8 m)


There is just too much information for this window! Follow the links below:

Reaserch Finds Soundfield Students Score Higher
Research undertaken in New Zealand schools has found that students benefit significantly from the use of sound-field amplification systems in classrooms - Read more here!

Factors that Impact Sound Quality - Read more here!


  • Professional soundfield system with lowest cost of total ownership
  • (6) six audio inputs (consumer/professional), and in/out connections to a PC
  • Allows classrooms to do Virtual Field Trips via Skype
  • Interconnection cables and mounting platforms are included


  • Shipping Weight: 34.0 lbs. (15.4 kg)

Product Downloads

  • LPT-S2-04 Application Diagram - Corporate PDF 0.7 MB
  • LPT-S2-04 Application Diagram - Education PDF 0.8 MB
  • LPT-S2-04 Module Data Sheet PDF 0.5 MB
  • LPT-S2-04 Core Data Sheet PDF 1.1 MB
  • LPT-S2-04 Media Interface Kit Data Sheet PDF 0.6 MB
  • LPT-S2-04 Install Guide PDF 3.5 MB
  • LPT-S2-04 Customisation Guide PDF 1.0 MB


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