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Listen Technologies LPT-S5-04


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Product Overview

Executive ListenPoint System

System package contains:

  • 1 x LPT-C6 advanced control unit
  • 1 x LPT-R12 room module
  • 1 x LPT-M1 microphone/interface
  • 2 x LPT-A104 ceiling speakers
  • 2 x LA394-25 speaker cable assemblies
  • 1 x LA393 cable
  • 1 x LPT-A107 cable kit for CU


There is just too much information for this window! Follow the links below:

Reaserch Finds Soundfield Students Score Higher
Research undertaken in New Zealand schools has found that students benefit significantly from the use of sound-field amplification systems in classrooms - Read more here!

Factors that Impact Sound Quality - Read more here!



Product Downloads

  • LPT-S5-04 Control Unit Data Sheet PDF 0.1 MB
  • LPT-S5-04 Control Unit Quick Reference Card PDF 0.7 MB
  • LPT-S5-04 Customisation Guide PDF 1.0 MB
  • LPT-S5-04 Installation Guide PDF 3.5 MB
  • LPT-S5-04 Room Module Data Sheet PDF 0.1 MB
  • LPT-S5-04 Room Module Quick Reference Card PDF 0.3 MB
  • LPT-S5-04 Microphone/Interface Data Sheet PDF 0.1 MB
  • LPT-S5-04 Microphone/Interface Quick Reference Card PDF 0.5 MB


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