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Cloud MPA120


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Product Overview

The increase in demand for higher quality mixed impedance output amplifiers for general installer applications has instigated the launch of Cloud Electronics new MPA Series.

6 line + 4 microphone inputs into a single zone with configurable 25/70 or 100volt internal transformer plus the industry standard wall mount remote controllers (RL1 & RSL6) make the MPA Series the most flexible and reliable installer amps in the market.



  • 6 line inputs, stereo inputs summed to mono
  • Line inputs via RCA phonos with input gain controls
    adjacent to connectors
  • Source select via front panel rotary selector or
    remote via RSL6
  • Line input level via front panel control or remotely via
    RL1 or RSL6
  • Line 6 priority selectable by internal jumper, release time 3s/6s/12s selectable by internal jumper
  • Music EQ by tamperproof LF and HF presets on rear panel
  • 4 Mic inputs, low impedance balanced via phoenix
    style connectors
  • Microphone EQ by tamperpoof LF and HF presets
    on rear panel
  • 100Hz High Pass dedicated filter on Mic inputs
  • Phantom power selected by internal jumper for
    each microphone
  • Limiter dedicated to microphone inputs
  • Mic 1 has access triggered priority over Mics 2-4
  • All Mics have VOX priority over music signals, providing
    30dB of attenuation
  • Integrated chime triggered by access control of Mic 1
  • Compatible with EQ Cards
  • Remote Music Mute configurable for NO or NC operation
  • Overall "Peak Limiter" with LED indication on front panel


  • RL-1 & RL-1A Remote Music Level Control
  • RSL-6 Remote Music Source Select
  • XLRF1 Female XLR Input Module
  • XLRM1 Male XLR Input Module
  • BOSE Loudspeaker EQ Card
  • EQ Cards for Amina AIWX & LFiT Loudspeakers
  • RSL-6B Remote Source / Volume Level Select Plate in Black
  • RSL-6W Remote Source / Volume Level Select Plate in White
  • RL-1B Remote Volume Level Control Plate in Black
  • RL-1W Remote Volume Level Control Plate in White
  • RL-1MW Remote Volume Level Media Control Plate in White
  • PM1 Paging Microphones


Full specifications are available under the Downloads tab above

Line Inputs:

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz +0dB -1dB, 63Hz -3dB
                                      3rd order filter, selectable by jumper
                                      20kHz -1dB low impedance output
                                      20kHz -2dB 100/70/25V line outputs
  • Distortion: <0.03% low impedance output
                      <0.04% 25/70/100V outputs
                      @ 1kHz 1dB below full power
                      80kHz bandwidth
  • Sensitivity: 195mV (-12dBu) to 2V (+8dBu)
  • Input Gain Control: 20dB range
  • Input Impedance: 47kΩ
  • Headroom: >-20dB
  • Noise: -90dBr 22kHz bandwidth, 0dB input, Relative to full power output
  • Equalisation HF: ±10dB/10kHz, LF: ±10dB/50Hz

Microphone Inputs:

  • Frequency: Response 100Hz / -3dB(3rd order filter)
                      20kHz +0, -1dB low impedance output
                      20kHz -2dB 100/70/25V line outputs
  • Distortion: <0.03% @ 1kHz -1dB below full power
                     80kHz bandwidth
  • Gain Range: 10dB - 50dB
  • Input Impedance: >2kΩ (balanced)
  • Phantom Power: +15V (PCB jumper for on/off)
  • Headroom: >20dB
  • Input Noise: -127dB EIN 22Hz - 22kHz (150Ω)
  • Equalisation HF: ±10dB/5kHz, LF: ±10dB/100Hz

Power Output:

  • 120Watts, any output @1kHz, <0.07%THD+N

Product Downloads

  • MPA120 Data Sheet PDF 0.4 MB
  • MPA120 Manual PDF 1.1 MB
  • MPA120 Jumper Settings PDF 0.0 MB


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