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Cloud PM12


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Product Overview

The PM Range of Paging Microphones are designed for general purpose multizone applications and can also be used with non-Cloud products.

Four models of the PM are available: the PM4, PM8, PM12 and PM16. The models differ only in the number of zone select buttons on the front panel (4, 8, 12 or 16 respectively), and consequently in the maximum of zones that can be supported.

Multiple PMs may be interconnected (via the Digital Paging Interface) to permit paging from more than one location.A total cable run of up 1 km is permissible, with a maximum of 32 PM units. Different models of PM may be intermixed on a single network. It is also possible to configure a PM to address only a subset of the available zones.

The PM is also compatible with the older Cloud CDPM range of digitalpaging microphones. PM microphones and CDPM microphones may be freely intermixed on the
Digital Paging Interface.



  • Individual and multiple zone selection
  • Defineable zone groups with group selection
  • Pre-announcement chime with internal chime sounder
  • "Talk" and "Call-all" buttons
  • "Busy" LED
  • Configurable two-layer announcement priority system
  • Auto-zone reset after announcement
  • Zone disable function


Full specifications are available under the Downloads tab above

Paging Zones:

  • Up to sixteen Zones are available in an installation. All PMs are fitted with sixteen access terminal so that any PM can be used as the mixer interface in a multiple PM system.
  • PM4: Four zones
             Can interface upto sixteen zones from linked PMs
  • PM8: Eight zones
             Can interface upto sixteen zones from linked PMs
  • PM12: Twelve zones
                Can interface upto sixteen zones from linked PMs
  • PM16: Sixteen Zones



  • Pre announcement chime: Choice of four chimes selected by internal jumper
                                             Chime can be set off/on by internal jumper
                                             Internal sounder
                                             Can be set off/on by internal jumper
                                             Chime Level control preset
  • Interconnectable: PMs of any combination of zone sizes can be daisy chained
                                using CAT5 cable
  • Bank shift: A PMs pageable zones can be shifted around the
                      available sixteen zones
                      Set by internal jumpers
  • Zone barring: A PM can be barred from accessing zones.
                          Set by internal jumper
  • Group lock: The group buttons can be locked to prevent tampering
                        Set by internal jumper
  • Priority: A PM can be set to high priority enabling it to interrupt a
                  low priority PM
                  Set by internal jumper
  • Microphone level: Preset allows a PMs level to be trimmed
  • Auto zone reset: Allows a zone selection to be retained after a page
                              Set by internal jumper



  • Directivity: Unidirectional, cardioid pattern
  • Microphone element: Electret condensor
  • Sensitivity (1KHz): 68 dB ± 3 dB
                                   ( 0 dB=1V/ μbar 1KHz indicated by open circuit)
  • Frequency response: 80 Hz ~ 16,000Hz
  • Internal compressor


Controls - Elastomer push buttonswith SMDtact switches:

  • Zone: Select a zone for paging
  • Zone Light: Indicates a zones selection
  • Clear: Clear all selected zones
  • Talk: Open a call to selected zones
  • Call all: Open a call to all zones available to the PM
  • Group: Four group buttons give programmable zone selection
  • Busy Light: Indicates when paging system is in use



  • Analogue: Use with traditional short to groundmixers
  • Microphone: Internal three poles screw terminal
                        Hot, cold and screen
  • Access: Internal sixteen poles screw terminal allows any model of PM to
                 interface the full sixteen zones available to an installation
  • Digital: Use to interconnect PMs or interface to digital enabled mixers
                 such as the Cloud DCM-1
  • RJ45 OUT: Carries switching data and transmits analogue audio to the next
                     daisy chained unit or mixer
                     Also receives power when connected to a mixer
  • RJ45 IN: Carries switching data and receives analogue audio from other PMs
  • Power: Internal two poles screw terminal
               Power from mixer via access cable
  • 2.1mm concentric power jack: Use an external PSU
  • RJ45 OUT socket: Power from mixer via CAT5 cable


Power - Voltage:

  • Internal screw terminal: 12 -24VDC
  • External 2.1mm jack: 12 - 24VDC, 9-17VAC
  • RJ45 OUT socket: 12 -15VDC from mixer


Power - Consumption:

  • PM4: 55mA
  • PM8: 61mA
  • PM12: 67mA
  • PM16: 73mA


Physical - Dimension:

  • Width: 245mm
  • Height (not including gooseneck): 65mm
  • Depth: 170mm
  • Gooseneck: 300mm
  • Weight: 1.2kg


Physical - Finish:

  • Cabinet: Black rubberised ABS
  • Base: Slate grey painted steel
  • Gooseneck: Black painted brass
  • Mounting: Rubber feet


Cables - Analogue:

  • Audio: Twin core screened (Microphone cable)
  • Access: Screened multicore
                 1 core per zone, 1 core for ground,
                 plus 1 core for power if powered by mixer
  • Maximum length: 100m


Cables - Digital:

  • Type: Cat 5
  • Maximum length: 1km total
  • Maximum connected PMS: 32

Product Downloads

  • PM12 Datasheet PDF 0.2 MB
  • PM12 Install Guide PDF 1.1 MB
  • PM12 Jumper Settings PDF 0.0 MB


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