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InterM PW-6242B


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Product Overview

Weekly Timer

PW-6242B is a program timer device that allows users to set a certain date and time to perform a scheduled broadcast in 6000 system.

A user can upload or download the files in PC to the inserted SD card by connecting a USB cable and can also copy the sound source stored in the USB memory to the SD card.

In addition, scheduler set up can be easily done through a management program by connecting PC.



  • Considering user convenience – For the convenience of timer program input and use, we made it for user to operate easily by separating digit button & multi-function button.
  • Adopting large vacuum fluorescent display – By adopting large Vacuum Fluorescent Display, you can verify the operation status to each function as well as various text displays at a look.
  • Programming using PC – You can easily schedule via management program by connecting PC with RS-232C port.
  • Various melodies and voices output – You can play various melodies and voices by interlocking SD Card mounted to this device and PV-6232A, our model.
  • Hosting using USB terminal – You can download MP3 file from computer to SD Card mounted to the device by connecting USB cable or mount USB memory to save the file into internal memory through COPY function. You can save 9999 melodies additionally other than 15 melodies provided initially and for storage capacity, please leave 10% of SD Card capacity (up to 32GB supported).
  • Key lock – Schedule and user setting can be protected.
  • BACK-UP power – Under the setting of current time, even though AC power turns off, power can be maintained for about a week of time with internal Back-Up power. Within the time which Back-Up power is maintained, even though AC power is reauthorised, there is no need to re-adjust the time.
  • Blackout measurement – Separate Memory is used to prevent the data loss from blackout or other unstable power.
  • Automatic return – When entering schedule data not using PC but using the front button, if any button is pushed for 1 minute, it is regarded as input cancellation and it returns to normal operation status.
  • AC Power output control – After connecting other equipment with AC OUTLET terminal, by turning ON/OFF AC OUTLET button in front, it enables to control ON/OFF of AC Power connected to other equipment.
  • AC Power output time control – In order to prevent TIMING DELAY when interlocking with external POWER AMP, you can adjust AC Power Output Time of this device from 1 second up to 20 seconds.


  • Input Channel: 5CH
  • Output Channel: 4CH
  • Output Level (1kHz 0dBFS MP3 Play, Volume Max): Maximum +15dBu
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz
  • S/N (20kHz LPF): More than 100dB
  • THD (20kHz LPF): Less than 0.05%
  • AC Power Output 1: Maximum 500W
  • AC Power Output 2: Maximum 500W
  • Data Retention Time: Maximum 12 days
  • Melody Time (TR0001~TR0015), Total 15 melodies - 247 seconds:
    TR no.1-2 sec, TR no.2-3 sec, TR no.3-3 sec,
    TR no.4-5 sec, TR no.5-5 sec, TR no.6-7 sec,
    TR no.7-7 sec, TR no.8-10 sec, TR no.9-10 sec,
    TR no.10-15 sec, TR no.11-20 sec, TR no.12-30 sec,
    TR no.13-30 sec, TR no.14-40 sec, TR no.15-60 sec
  • Operating Temperature: 10℃~+40℃
  • Power Source: AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz, DC 24V
  • Power Consumption: 1000W
  • Weight (set): 4.57kg/10lb
  • Dimensions (set): 482(W)×88(H)×280(D)mm/19(W)×3.5(H)×11(D)in

Product Downloads

  • PW-6242B User Manual PDF 2.9 MB
  • PW-6242B Leaflet PDF 0.2 MB
  • PW-6242B Brochure PDF 8.8 MB
  • PW-6242B DWG DWG 0.2 MB


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