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InterM SC-6224


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Product Overview

24 Zone 100V Speaker Line Checking Device

The SC-6224 is a 24 channel speaker line checker that tests speaker line impedance. It automatically performs tests on speaker line by program timer that indicates a status with LED indicator.

Front LED Indicator

  • The front LED indicator displays a status of speaker line as GOOD, NG, SHORT, OPEN
  • GOOD(green) : Normal
  • NG(red) : Speaker line impedance over/under from the measurement
  • SHORT(orange) : SHORT
  • OPEN(blinking red) : OPEN
  • LED OFF : The speaker line is not connected

PC Monitoring
Speaker line status monitoring by window program of 6000 system

Auto Line Check
It automatically checks speaker lines by program timer operations which can be set it as the time between 20 minutes and 200    minutes.

Auto Check ON/OFF
The auto line check can be set it with ON/OFF identified with front LED

Real Time Test
When pushing the "TEST/START" button, a connected speaker line is checked, then status of channel will be displayed on channel LED indicator.

Trigger Contact Terminal
RELAY OUT trigger port enable to control the other device and to monitoring from a distance in the event of fire.

Memory function of speaker line impedance
Automatically saves a speaker line’s impedance value into memory to determine a fiducial value for each channel

Error range of impedance
The user can adjust error range of speaker line impedance situationally

Sound Notification
Generating a boozer sound for notification when it detects any fault of speaker line with ON/OFF switch



  • Checks for short circuit, open circuit and impedance change in every zone
  • Built-in timer for regular checks
  • Internal buzzer or contact closure when fault is found
  • RS232
  • 240VAC / 24VDC
  • 2RU


Product Downloads

  • SC-6224 User Manual PDF 1.0 MB
  • SC-6224 Brochure PDF 2.6 MB
  • SC-6224 ED DWG DWG 0.1 MB
  • SC-6224 DWG DWG 0.2 MB


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