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Product Overview

Introducing the Stage Pro.

Small, light, but incredibly powerful, the Stage Pro is built with the stage in mind. It will fill the room with your sound - without filling your stage. And with range of optional features including Bluetooth connectivity, media playback & recording devices, wireless microphone options, and a full set of EQ controls as standard, it is versatile enough to be used in almost any environment.

Portable. Versatile. Powerful.

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The ACMA's Channel Finder

From 1 January 2015, wireless microphones must not be used in the 694 – 820 MHz frequency range. The main alternative frequency ranges will be 520 – 694 MHz and 1790 – 1800 MHz, with some other frequencies also available.

If you choose to use the spectrum in the 520 – 694 MHz range, you must not cause interference to television and radio services who also use this spectrum.

The ACMA's regional fact sheets have high-level information about the changes to wireless microphones.

The ACMA’s Wireless Microphone Channel Finder

Find out what spectrum is available in 520 – 694 MHz for wireless microphones in your area by using the ACMA's online channel finder.

Simply type the street address of where you intend to use your wireless microphone into the channel finder and it will tell you what spectrum is available in your area.




  • Includes an Electronic Crossover and Class-D digital power amplifier delivering 100W to the LF driver and 50W to the HF driver; 150W of pure Class-D power
  • 2 power modes: Internal Rechargeable battery & DC jack
  • Up to 10 hours operating time per charge with lithium battery and 6 hours with Lead-Acid battery
  • User friendly battery compartment design for simple battery replacement
  • High efficiency 2-way system; compact cabinet and efficient 8" + 1" HF speaker for professional live performance
  • Optional CD/USB/SD/Digital video player modules (including remote control) and a digital recorder/player module
  • Up to 4 diversity receiver modules with 100/16 selectable frequencies in each system (optional)
  • Automatic Digital limiter with 6 LED indicators prevents output distortion
  • 3-band equaliser, BASS/MID/TREBLE and MASTER volume control
  • VOICE PRIORITY function automatically ducks music during speech (switchable)
  • LOUDNESS function boosts bass/treble performance (switchable)
  • LINE OUT (RCA) for external audio recording
  • Multiple LINE IN options, 3.5mm jack/RCA, with individual volume controls (stereo)
  • INSTRUMENT IN provides two 6.3mm jacks for up to two instrument level inputs
  • MICROPHONE 1 and 2 are XLR/6.3mm combo jack connectors for wired microphone inputs with individual volume control
  • BASS/TREBLE and REVERB control for wired microphones
  • REVERB with ON/OFF switch for wired and wireless microphone channels
  • DIGITAL IN allows playing audio files directly from computer via USB cable
  • ACTIVE OUT (XLR) and AUX OUT (6.3mm jack) for external active speakers
  • Smart charging circuit with 4-step LED battery indicators and charging LED
  • Tripod stand mountable with ST-50A
  • Retractable trolley SB-81/SB-82 for easy single/dual-unit transportation (optional)





  • Output power: 200W, 150W(RMS) 4Ω load (class-D)
  • Speaker system: 8"LF + 1"HF & electronic crossover
  • Audio input: Mic in x2 (COMBO), Line in x2 (R / L, 3.5mm), Instrument in x2, Digital in (USB)
  • Audio output: Line out (R / L), Aux out, Active out
  • T.H.D: < 0.5%
  • Freq. response: 50Hz-20KHz±3dB
  • Antenna: Built-in
  • Power supply: 100-240V AC / 30-32V DC, 4A
  • Battery type: Lead-Acid / Lithium
  • Battery spec: 12V, 5A / 29.4V, 7.8A
  • Battery Q'ty: 2 / 1
  • Operating time: 5-6 hrs in music, >10 hrs in speech / 8-10hrs in music, >12 hrs in speech
  • Charging time: about 6 hrs / about 8hrs
  • Dimension (mm): 424(H) x 290(W) x 250(D)
  • Weight (kg): 12.5 / 9.5
  • Receiver module: SDR-5116M / 5100M IrDA
  • Transmitter module: RP-5016M
  • MP3 module: DPR-500M, DP-500M
  • Bluetooth module: BT-500M
  • Patent: Taiwan, China
  • Approval: RoHS



** Note: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Output Power

200W, 150W (RMS), 4Ω load (class-D)

Speaker System

8"LF + 1"HF & electronic crossover


< 0.5%

Audio Input

Mic in x2 (COMBO), Line in x2 (R/L, 3.5mm), Instrument in x2, Digital in (USB)

Audio Output

Line out (R/L), Aux out, Active out

Power Supply

100-240V AC/30-32V DC, 4A

Battery Type



Battery Spec.

12V, 5A

29.4V, 7.8A

Battery Quantity



Operating Time

5-6hrs in music, >10hrs in speech

8-10hrs in music, >12hrs in speech

Charging Time

Approx. 6hrs

Approx. 8hrs

Dimensions (mm)

424H, 290W, 250D

Weight (kg)




Taiwan, China




16ch Receiver

SDR-5216M, 5116M

16ch Repeater


USB/SD Player/Recorder Module

DP-500M, DPR-500M

Bluetooth Receiver Module


Freq. Response

50Hz – 20KHz±3dB



Product Downloads

  • STAGE PRO User Manual PDF 0.7 MB
  • STAGE PRO Data Sheet PDF 0.1 MB
  • STAGE PRO NAS Chiayo Catalogue PDF 6.1 MB
  • STAGE PRO PAs Comparison Chart PDF 0.7 MB


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